Starting My Garden – Wynnie’s Therapy Garden

I started my garden project in May 2015. First, I decided to use my front yard as a garden because my backyard lacks areas that receive full sun. Then, I had to re-landscape the whole front yard and build a fence. After that, I built raised boxes out of cedar and ran out of money! It then became cold and wet in November, as it does in Seattle. So, my yard sat unattended until Spring 2016, when I filled the raised beds with bags of garden soil.

While I was at my local garden supply, I met a woman who is the manager of the garden center. I can’t tell you how lucky I was to meet this woman. She took me under her wing, remembered me every time I came in, and gave me invaluable gardening advice. Every time I go back, I look for her. If she’s there, she asks to see pictures of my ga……

Source: Starting My Garden – Wynnie’s Therapy Garden