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Yesterday afternoon, after EJ got home and ate supper, we went out to work on the chicken/duck pen. We divided the outside pen with a section of cattle fence , which had once been part of Danny’s pen at our old house, and then we fastened put smaller flimsier fencing along the bottom so the birds couldn’t get through the gaps in the cattle fence. Once that was up, I herded ten chickens into their side of the pen. Have you ever tried to herd chickens? Not easy. I won’t try to describe it. I will let you imagine me chasing the chickens all up and down the pen trying to herd them through a small gap to the other side.

We needed to fashion the fencing so the ducks and chickens were divided both inside and outside the garage. We couldn’t just put a long fence in because the garage door had to be able to close and I needed to be able to get from one side to the other. EJ m…

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