chicken brooder and tractor | Cable Hill Farm

This year we introduced turkeys and meat chickens to the farm and with them came the brooder and chicken tractor.

In the past we’ve split the chicken coop in half and use the left side for new chicks until they are ready for the run. I am pleased this year to have a brooder to start the new chicks.

It’s a blessing to have the chicks raised and easily accessible. No climbing into the coop, stooping to freshen their bedding and change out their water, or negotiating 30 or 40 spastic little chicks that are excited for more feed and nearly falling into the coop or steeping on one in the process.

Now, I will add that this brooder proved a bit small for the fast growing 26 meat birds. But is has been perfect for our 6 turkeys. Perh…..

Source: chicken brooder and tractor | Cable Hill Farm