Demand for meat destroys Brazil’s “underground forest”

The Cerrado—a vast, biologically diverse savannah—is being swallowed by industrial farming of crops such as corn, cotton, and, especially, soy
by AUTUMN SPANNE on DEC 19, 2014 at 1:58 PM

Brazil’s vast Cerrado, a richly diverse grassland that covers more than 20 percent of the vast country, is rapidly disappearing due to industrial farming practices.
The following article was originally published by the Daily Climate.

PALMAS, Brazil—South and east of Brazil’s famous Amazon, the air becomes dryer and the humid rainforest gives way to emerald-green patches of irrigated pasture carved from scrubby woods and native grasslands.

This is a different kind of forest, hidden in plain sight and far more threatened than the Amazon. Known as the Cerrado, it is the largest, most biologically diverse savannah region of South America, home to five percent of all life on the planet.

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