A “little” WaSH and a “little” Permaculture – Just Livin’ the Dream

My counterpart approached me recently and asked if I would be interested in heading out to the field to see some of the work our organization does in action. I immediately said “YES!” I was told that it was not that far away geographically, but that it would take some time to get there. Given the fact that we live in the land of 1,000 hills, this didn’t surprise me in the least bit. However, once we turned off the dirt road to head up the side of a “mountain” it quickly became apparent why this would take so long.

Anyone who has driven up a mountain, hill, or hiked to elevation knows that roads and trails are full of switchbacks and winding turns. It is like that here as well, except that the roads are usually not paved. It is a very expensive undertaking to pave the roads and they would most likely require constant maintenance due to the weather. The hills here are very steep and, with heavy rainfall, the ear…..

Source: A “little” WaSH and a “little” Permaculture – Just Livin’ the Dream