7. Fences, part 2 | warriorfarming

 Fencing is never done.  Never.  You’re either building new ones, repairing old ones, maintaining existing ones, or modifying current ones.  The best fence in the world only serves its purpose if you maintain it regularly.  Multi-strand electric fences have to be tightened, adjusted, have the weeds and storm debris cleaned off, and occasionally replaced when a substandard wire rusts away.  Field fencing needs tightened occasionally and some weed and debris control done to it.  Posts may need replacing or re-secured.  Its always something.

Even today I’m working on fencing; subdividing one of my paddocks into two smaller paddocks to provide me with greater freedom in planning different forages.  I want the open pasture to rest longer and establish forage better, but I want the goats to browse the woodl…..

Source: 7. Fences, part 2 | warriorfarming

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