Are Worm Castings that beneficial? – Trendy Gardener

I grew up in an area where there was severe drought, I vividly remember when I was a teenager the water situation was so dire each household, irrespective of size was allowed 5 buckets of water a day to do everything with, and I mean everything! The fines if you went over your allocated water allowance were massive, and I watched heartbroken as our garden slowly withered away to a dust bowl. My father fortunately at the time worked for a company that had a ground well and he would bring home 4 barrels of water every day to keep my greenhouse going, as well as his beloved vegetable garden. My father was also a avid fisherman and had these big elevated drums in which he kept his worms for fishing and it was at the height of the drought that I noticed something truly remar….

Source: Are Worm Castings that beneficial? – Trendy Gardener