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BY LYDIA HOLLEY Henderson County Master Gardener

The thought of savoring a vine-ripened tomato motivates many to plant a vegetable garden.

To be able to pick out a specific flavor of tomato is even more motivating. Have you ever tasted a purple tomato? Or a yellow one?

Did you know that tomatoes can have distinct tastes? Yellow tomatoes are generally sweeter, while purple tomatoes usually have a stronger flavor than the red varieties.

There are tomatoes that are good for canning, tomatoes that grow as big as a baseball, and tomatoes as small as grapes.

But too many times, the tomato plants available at the local garden centers are of a limited variety. The solution is to grow your own tomatoes from seed.

Last year, I grew a rainbow garden – yellow, red, orange and purple tomatoes, all from seed. It was a fun experiment, and I found an orange tomato that I loved. I would have never found this delicious and unusual tomato if I had grown only the tomato plants available from the local garden center.

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