Permaculture: A Work in Paradise | Sown Seeds

Positive change is all around us and at our fingertips.

Alessandro Bhai is a Permaculturist.
What is permaculture?
The proper definition says: It is a form of agricultural cultivation
that examines nature’s pattern to maintain permanent sustainability.
Alessandro Bhai says: It is the study of Life where everyone and
everything work together to create paradise.

Alessandro Bhai and his family moved to BAJA California and has lived around the world in Italy, India, and the US. He has accumulated knowledge along his journey and has blossomed into a local expert on Permaculture. He has transformed a neighbor’s backyard into a ‘food forest’ full of vegetables, fruits and herbs.  He has created a spiral herb permaculture garden for a friend and neighbor. He is plann…

Source: Permaculture: A Work in Paradise | Sown Seeds