Permaculture starting | Living in the Tucson Desert

So the other day I finally planted my live oak tree and Acacia tree. While it was through the electric company website to help with power consumption, I’ll be ordering a few others from the other electric co-op as well. This will help our with shade, keeping water close and provide cover for the birds and the desert turtle we will be adopting for the summer.
Not too mention I will be installing from scratch a grey water system to water them all!

6/24/16 Update

While the plants are all finally planted and have been watered a few times now, the willow tree is finally planted and starting to sprout flowers once again. I even managed to plant my christmas tree the wife got from her work last christmas. I hope that it will grow a little bit bigger so that the kids can decorate it and we will have a christmas tree in the yard instead of the house. Mostly since we don’t have the space for a tree anyways!

I am finding out that there seems to be a Javel…

Source: Permaculture starting | Living in the Tucson Desert