Organic Barnyard Blues | Organic Matters

I can hear a mournful song of the organic barnyard blues. The organic community is disgorging a chant across many acres of farmyard zones. It’s been years in the making, we labored and dialogued about Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices. How much room should the bird have; the bovine to feast on green grasses? Do the organic sow and her piglet offspring have the space to stand up, fully stretch their limbs and lay down throughout their weeks of gestation? How then shall the harvest be wrought, with what small methods of kindness and humane actions amidst the slaughter? These are the ruminations and ponderings of many an organic policy wonk, farmer, rancher, milker and processor.

The debate has been raging on for over a decade. Throughout this thoughtful deliberation, the public has been quite under informed. The consumer has all the while assumed that organic already had robust animal welfare standards, but no they had nev…

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