The changing face of Agrivulture


2015 was a huge year for the food and agriculture technology startups, garnering as much as $4.6 billion investment. This figure was nearly the double of the investment poured into this sector during the year before, and was partly fuelled by the growing demand for organic food. Whilst some countries in Africa (Uganda) have always taken pride in consuming naturally grown, non-GMO foods, new startups across the US, Europe and Australasia have now spotted an opportunity in this burgeoning market. Amazingly, the new startups are not only upgrading the conventional farming system; they are redefining it entirely. In the US, for example, Portable farms in shipping containers grow ready to harvest vegetables in only 6 weeks.

Take the example of Portable Farms in the US. The project is growing veggies like lettuce and other green herbs and is driven by the agri-tech startup named the Freight Farms. The founders of the company had a hunch that the LED lights will make it big, and they would ultimately be able to….

Source: The changing face of Agrivulture