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Update on Aquaponics 101

Landscaping Prior to Setting Up Fish and Greenhouse

I am finally done with landscaping the Aquaponics 101 site walls.  On the back wall I added a Hydrangea on both sides of my transplanted Gardenia.  The Gardenia only blooms once at the beginning of summer so I decided it needed a little more color.    The Gardenia blooms are all white and very, very fragrant.  I needed more color so at each end of the wall I put pink 2′ x 2′  pink Hydrangea and placed a varied color, blue, pink and white 2′ x 2′  (pink now) on either side of the centered Gardenia.  

The Gardenia was transplanted from a site that had the Gardenia growing up against the house.  It will need shaping later in the fall.  It is too hot to do it now as I do not want to kill it.  I have to leave it looking a little unkempt at the moment.  I have a branch from the Asian Pear, so loaded down with Asian Pears, that interrupts the view of the transplanted Gardenia.  I couldn’t bear to cut the branch….

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