Council Estate Permaculture | BOLTON URBAN GROWERS

There is no doubt that Permaculture has the potential to bring about a lot of good by addressing multiple issues, including: the enhancing and repair of damaged eco systems, the provision of cleanly grown local food, community development by bringing communities together through skill and produce sharing and swapping, and a level of independence from the locked in effect of low pay and debt that our economic model has forced us into.

So when we consider that Permaculture is spreading across the globe like wildfire why isn’t this stuff getting out there to everyone? i.e. – people on low incomes, unemployed folk, and anybody else who is being shafted by our corporate Politicians? In the UK Permaculture overwhelmingly seems to be the preserve of middle class folk as I am sure it is in most places, this is easily explained, Middle class people have been educated, they have more disp….

Source: Council Estate Permaculture | BOLTON URBAN GROWERS