Unexpected gifts – The future is blooming

Today, we decided to take advantage of some cooler, dryer weather and set out into the garden to do the last of the planting, knowing that our weekend is pretty full.  My husband was emptying the containers whose plants hadn’t made it through the winter.  I got a few more cleaned up and planted my sweetpeas (for grampa) and nasturtiums and then headed over to the veg patch.

There was one row left to finish.  There was already some garlic in there, leftover from last year as well as parsley we transplanted from the greenhouse, chard whose roots had survived the winter (we’ve been eating it for a couple of months now) and a few lettuce plants that I threw in there after a hot spell caused the seedlings to explode early.  The garlic was looking pretty bunch….

Source: Unexpected gifts – The future is blooming