Mulching – Part 1 – fresh farmology

A fresh layer of straw acting as mulch for my garden:)

As I learn more and more about gardening I am beginning to understand just how important mulching is and the many benefits it provides to a garden. My first year of gardening I did not mulch at all. The weeds completely took over and it was a hunt to find the vegetables. My poor plants were being robed of their water by those sneaky weeds.

This year I decided to use straw as my mulch product. I liked the idea of using straw because it was a natural product, it wasn’t expensive, and it provided organic material for my soil. I sourced two types of straw that I used for my mulch. The first was certified weed free straw that was purchased from a local neighbor. And the second was straw that my dad baled from one of our harvested wheat fields last su…

Source: Mulching – Part 1 – fresh farmology