Why Off-Grid? – Barefoot Savages

We get asked this question a lot, usually in shocked or unintentionally condescending tones, as if people are sure that if we knew what we were doing, we would not want to live off-grid. We don’t take offense to that. It’s not something everybody can understand or would want to do. Because of that, though, the answer is not always something everybody understands, either.

We believe there is too much reliance on technology in our society. Not just electronic technology, but technology in general. People have forgotten how to do basic things. In this society, we rely on other people to survive – literally. We rely on someone to raise the chicken, kill the chicken, process the chicken, ship the chicken and sell us the chicken in order to eat the chicken. It is the same with vegetables, fruits, clothing… everything. We are taught this dependence from the time we are very young. We learn the skills to earn an income but not how to take care of ourselves. Without the abi…

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