Homesteading – Grow, Create, Eat, Meditate

I live in a small town just north of Boston, MA. It’s the town that I was born and raised in, but I’m not sure that it is the town that I want to continue to live in. There are some things that I love about my town. I love that I have lived here my whole life and that I am raising the kids in the town that at least 3 generations of my family have lived in. I love the lake that everyone knows my town for. I love the proximity we have to Boston, to the mountains, to the ocean. I hate that even though it is a small town, it’s not small and rural enough for what I think I want. My husband and I talk about moving once he retires, but I am very anxious to leave everything I know.

I think I would love to move to Maine, New Hampshire, maybe even Vermont. What I think I want is to live on a small farm, grow a great garden, have some animals, own a creative studio, in a small town that is rural and quaint. I think I even want bee hives.

What I think I want and what I am trying to give myself here in my town, is my own little homestead. My problem is our lifestyle isn’t as conducive to homesteading as I would like it to be. We have a great garden and a great yard, but a small house. We couldn’t have farm animals, except maybe a couple o….

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