Maple Tree Tapping | Just Coasting

This March, we decided to tap our maple trees. As with the apple cider, we decided to have things as simple as possible and without a large upfront investment. We prefer to approach new projects this way in case they don’t turn out or we don’t enjoy doing them.

  • 12 plastics from E-Bay  ~ $15 (this included plastic hose to run tap to a jug or bucket)
  • 15 plastic food grade buckets ~ $75 (we figured those buckets would get plenty of uses between maple syrup, cider, beer, berry picking, etc)
  • Large pot to boil sap ~ $50 (this will also be used for canning once the house is completed)
  • Additional electric to boil down the sap ~ $50
  • Canning jars ~ $15

For about $200, we got 2 gallons of syrup and the ability to produce more every year until all our taps break. Also, many of the things purchased to make the syrup will be used for other projects as we get more sett…..

Source: Maple Tree Tapping | Just Coasting