Leafminers on the Cauliflower | Smidgens of Life

The cauliflower has been growing like crazy this week due to all the rain.  Yesterday while I was rotating the buckets I noticed a few of the plants had white and yellow squiggly lines on a few of the lower leaves .

Nooo… this isn’t suppose to happen!

The bugs and critters are in the yard and all my garden is up on the deck, high enough to keep them away!  I guess that theory only applies if the problem is four legged and doesn’t fly.  Back to the problem.

After researching the problem on Google, it seems the leaves have been invaded by leafminers. They don’t seem to be a huge problem if taken care of early on and keeping the plants healthy, but it looks terrible. I found the follo….

Source: Leafminers on the Cauliflower | Smidgens of Life