Aquaponics Water Usage | Symbi Biological

Here’s a look at the aquaponics system water usage per month for the last 11 months. The monthly data is after the page break. The 4000 gallon system usage averages about 540 gallons per month producing around 250-300 heads of lettuce each month. That’s 18 gallons per day and takes roughly 2 gallons per head of lettuce on average. Pretty efficient system. I’m excited to get our mineralization tank installed to keep even more water in the system. Currently, everytime I flush the filter, the water is lost to the ground outside. Keeping it in a mineralization tank to extract even more nutrients and save water will add to the nutrient density of the produce and the water efficiency of the overall system.

Perusing the internet, the typical average to produce a one pound head of field grown lettuce is between 16 and 23 gallons of water. Our lettuce hea….

Source: Aquaponics Water Usage | Symbi Biological