The beginnings of abundance | True North Permaculture

Without my mentor, Margot, I would not be where I’m at now in terms of my garden and orchard. At the beginning of 2015 when we originally had the idea to grow plants, it was for profit and we thought of doing a mono-culture orchard of haskaps, with a small home vegetable garden on the side, just for fun. With Margot’s introduction to permaculture in the spring of 2015 our focus changed from a for-profit orchard to being self-sustainable, growing our own food and selling our extras. I needed a good education in growing vegetables and this is where Margot was able to step in to help me. My education as a child and teen consisted of weeding 50 foot rows of potatoes and carrots that my parents had planted to help meet their grocery budget with 8 children. It was messy, tedious work that I didn’t want to repe….

Source: The beginnings of abundance | True North Permaculture