Strawberry bed – My tiny u.p. farm

By jenpowell1976

I’m still plugging away at the back garden bed from last year – there was a big section that I didn’t expand last year, that was still full of grass.  I claimed that part from the lawn tonight by creating a lasagna garden. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to dig up all that grass.I took my old cardboard chicken corral/brooder box from my older chicks, pulled it apart, and laid it over the grassy area, which was roughly 8-10 ft long x 3-4 ft. wide.  The cardboard will kill the grass and any weeds.  Then I threw a little dirt on top to hold the cardboard in place and to add some weight to it.  I grabbed compost material and spread it around the whole cardboarded spot…

Source: Strawberry bed – My tiny u.p. farm