The New Age of Farming | Women’s iLab


“Grow Food Anywhere” is Freight Farms’ motto, and it turns out that they may be on to something. I attended Collision Conference last week, where I was able to speak with a number of entrepreneurs and learn about their startups. Freight Farms stood out as one of the most interesting to me. Beyond being a great concept, it was also socially and environmentally conscious.

When you look at a LGM (Leafy Green Machine) product from the outside, it looks like your average shipping container, painted green. When you venture inside the LGM, you’ll find a fully functional, hydroponic farm. You can grow a variety of crops inside this container (measured at 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’) all year long, regardless of geographic location. And, there’s a cool Farmhand app that helps you monitor and manage your growing operation from anywhere.

Source: The New Age of Farming | Women’s iLab