Monsanto working to save Honey Bees |


CREVE COUER, MO (KTVI) – In 2006, commercial beekeepers started noticing something alarming. Their honey bees were disappearing.  The hives looked healthy, there was honeycomb, wax, even honey, but there was no sign of bees.  It was labeled Colony Collapse Disorder by Apiary experts.

Jerry Hayes, the honey bee health lead at Monsanto, an expert who has 35 years of experience in the bee industry says he remembers when the population would drop about 5 percent  per year, but unfortunately that trend has accelerated.  Hayes says, “We’re still waiting for this winter’s report to come out, but they’re still looking at a 30 percent loss, which unfortunately is pretty standard.”

Source: Monsanto working to save Honey Bees |