What about Marine Energy? | Phlebas

April 4, 2015 · by William Steel

The oceans cover some 72% of our planet. We need not look further than the constant ebb and flow of tides to recognise that there’s an enormous amount of energy locked up in our oceans.

Tides, waves, currents and thermal dynamics of oceans represent energy dense resources yet to be harnessed. And that’s the thing – we’re really no where even close to capitalising on the energy stored in the waters of our planet’s oceans. It is perhaps an irony – after all, humankind has always sought proximity to the sea. Oceans have provided bountiful harvests, means for sanitation, and ways of transport. In more recent times, since the industrial revolution our reliance on placing cities and towns close to sources of water was necessitated by the role of water in industrial techniques.

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