Off grid-What is it really like? | Baja Dark Skies

We have approx 3000 watts worth of solar panels installed on the ground..easy to clean..and yes you do have to wash off the bird poop and we have a “snow broom” for those 3 or 4 times a year we get a storm-It is a 24 volt system-12 sealed AGM absorb glassmatt AGM batteries and Outback Inverters/charge me..lot’s of flashing lights and cool read outs..I’ve left the techy stuff to my wonderful husband and brother..”Do I really need to learn all this?”I asked…well, over the last 7 years I have a bit anyway. My brother is an amazing electrician so I really never had to learn much..I did hook my car battery up once backwards in my early 20’s and have tried to avoid everything to do with electricity ever since then;) but out here it became more important to know how to install and repair what was around us.So with Viber on our iphone and the internet we’ve had to pick my brothers brain from how to replace the electrical input plug on the travel trailer to rewiring lights and yes..I even installed an inlet plug:) proud…I can hear my brother laughing at me…by the way..he can monitor our system from his home in that cool or what!

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