New Friends? | Project Ventura

April 2, 2015 · by Project Ventura

We are now looking at what is soon to be our new Green House. Hello fellow WordPress readers, Mariel is back! We have made so many improvements and progress that are so close to being completely done. Over the last couple days we had finished framing, placed the side walls onto the lands, as well as put the roof of the greenhouse on top.

This is the standing structure of our grennhouse as of today.

One day when going out to work on our greenhouse, Mrs. Warner, one of our clients,  had gone out to see our progress she had made a comment to us about how it was necessary to remove all the grass and weeds from inside the greenhouse to insure that no weeds nor the grass grew back and disturbed the growing of the other plants. Since then we have spent the rest of the week removing all the weeds, as well as making “new friends”.

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