Spotlight on: Lompoc Honey | Biz Spotlight | Santa Maria Sun, CA

Archie Mitchell, owner


Lompoc resident Archie Mitchell has done a lot of things in life. To name a few: He retired as a chief master sergeant (the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force), started a boxing club, and worked as a newspaper reporter.

Now, it’s all about the bees. He serves as regional director for the Western Apiculture Society, the director of the Lompoc Valley Beekeepers Association, and runs Lompoc Honey, a small cottage business selling honey, beeswax, and beehive removal services.

Part hobbyist, part entrepreneur, Mitchell’s well practiced in the art of modern apiculture, or beekeeping. Overlapping a distinguished career traveling the world over as an intelligence analyst in the U.S. Air Force, Mitchell moonlighted as a beekeeper for three decades.

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