Launching the First Columbia SC Permaculture Design Course | gather and grow

And so it was that one sunny Saturday morning in March, after months of planning and preparing, I woke up to the first day of our Permaculture Design Course. The weeks and days leading up to it were intensely busy (in case you’ve been wondering about my absence from this space) but in the end, all the details came together perfectly. A full course of 24 participants, a curriculum we facilitators were feeling really excited and solid about, and a venue so perfect we couldn’t have dreamed anything better: City Roots urban farm just down the street from me and my co-facilitator Matt.

Our course’s “home site” is the farm’s brand new events greenhouse, where we are appropriately surrounded by kale and tomato seedlings, and just across the way from the tilapias in the aquaponics system and the new chicks in their brooder. In the afternoons, if the glare in the greenhouse gets too intense, we move to a covered outdoor classroom right next to the farm’s no-till rye fields. Standing there that first afternoon teaching the session on natural patterns, I could point to nature’s patterns right there around us — a tree, a cloud, the movement of the wind — to illustrate my point.

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