Compost is Helping Our Soil | Hillbillies in Training

Continuing our preparations for the growing season, I grabbed a garden fork and tossed some compost and a few bags of humus into a bed in the front garden. We are only dumping the bags that we bought from Tractor Supply on the beds that were not previously topped with horse manure. When I forked the bed over, I could see how the soil was different from that of the horse manure beds. The horse manure made the soil underneath heavier and darker, whereas the soil in the bed I forked over weighed less and retained more orange color. Probably, all that organic matter in the manured beds holds more moisture. Still, on the compost-only beds, I think the elements and the worms worked over winter to break up the large clay clumps; the soil is now more crumbly in texture. It’s good to know that even the beds that don’t yet contain horse manure are showing notable improvement. For comparison, here’s a photo of the same bed right after we first double-dug it.

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