Tip Tuesday: Mmmm Smell That Compost | Blue Shoes & a Garden

Yes. I said it – SMELL that compost. It’s delicious and nutritious for your garden! I spent a good chunk of yesterday digging into our compost and adding it, a long with some fresh garden soil, to my raised veggie beds. This was the first year I’ve been able to really use my own compost and it is SO good for the garden. I’m excited to see how happy my veggies are this year!

Composting is an investment: price-wise for a good bin, and time-wise for good quality material. It’s also great for the environment in many ways: it’s a soil conditioner, it recycles kitchen and yard waste, it introduces beneficial organisms to the soil, it has no chemicals, it reduces landfill waste. So I highly encourage you to start composting – whether you’re reading this as a novice composter or as a seasoned one, here are some things to consider.

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