Soil: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | Free-Range Planner

Long-time followers of this blog will recall that March was to be the month of soils. An entire month dedicated to dirt? Yes, and rightfully so. Soil is the foundation of life. It’s kind of a big deal. The dedicated expert could probably devote an entire blog just to soil. I’m not that expert, so a month seemed generous. Well you know that old saying, life is what happens while you’re busing making plans? World, I owe you some blogging.

Serendipitously, the United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. That’s right, I’m not the only one who thinks soil deserves some special recognition. The good news about this designation is that a lot of reputable governmental and non-governmental agencies will be steering money and other resources toward soil research and education. It’s that important, especially with global concerns like climate change increasing the frequency and severity of weather events that produce more water in a shorter period of time than the earth can absorb and filter.

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