‘Bee’ adventurous with your own apiary – Bangalore Mirror

By: Dipankar Chakraborty

A swarm of hovering honeybees can be a worrisome sight, and not without reason. If hungry, disturbed bees can turn hostile, that could be deadly. But fears are largely misplaced with their valuable contribution to increasing crop yield through cross pollination activities.

“The benefits of bees are ten times more than what we get from their honey. If you get Rs 1000 worth honey then cross pollination activities by honeybees in crops translates into higher yield worth Rs 10,000 per acre. We not only get honey but also products like royal jelly, said to have life enhancing property, besides bee venom that has high medicinal value and bee wax having numerous industrial applications,” says Dr Shankar Bhatt, retired Professor and head of honeybee research in apiculture department of University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) at GKVK in Bengaluru. Set up in December 1996, the Department of Apiculture has been engaged in strengthening the teaching, research and extension activities in Apiculture in Karnataka.

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