And so it begins | Honeycomb and Hexies

Well this is all very strange to me.

You see I’m quite new to this blogging lark, in fact this is my very first attempt ever, so sitting here, typing and re-typing my intro over and over again without a clue of how to go about it has left me quite puzzled. Is this normal for first posts? Should it come naturally? If I have writers block now, what hope do I have for the rest?  Should I just make another cuppa and try again later? How many potential readers will have given up by this point?

Well assuming my bumbled attempt at writing hasn’t completely scared you off yet, let me explain where this is all going…..

You may well have cunningly sussed out from the title of my blog that honey may well come into it. You, my friend, would be correct. You see I’m an amateur beekeeper, and maintain a hive of beautiful Buckfast Bees in West Sussex who very kindly help to keep my friends and family well stocked with jars of the sweet stuff. As you’ll see in the pictures below they’re stunning little creatures who are the most adorable geniuses, and to cut a long story short I’m a bit obsessed with them.

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