The Post-Mortem | honeybeeswax

I went out to visit the hives on the first warm day we had in March (a day over 40 degrees for more than one minute). I was extremely nervous and not really looking forward to what I’d find. I brought with me several pieces of home-made winter fondant feed for the bees to insert in their hives to ensure the bees would have access to food before nature provided it this spring.

When I arrived, my first hurdle (literally) was the depth of the snow which was more than up to me knees. I had inadequate boots, but I just kept stepping (knees so high between steps, my exercise class leader would have be so proud). As I normally do, I began my inspection from the outside, looking closely to see if any of the girls were leaving the hive for a cleansing flight that day, as good an opportunity as anything in weeks. I didn’t see any such flights, but I wanted to stay optimistic that I was still going to find thriving hives.

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