oh honey! | ikundayou: love & life continue

I have never been one for honey. Nope – not on toast or bagels, neither in tea or spoon-fed directly into my mouth as I prefer with Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s. Simply put, honey is just too sweet. I raised this concern about ‘sweetness’ with Rwandans time and time again when they would place 5 heaping spoonfuls of sugar in their tea (or on occasion, coffee) and they would raise their eyebrows and hands in disapproval. In that world, if you have sugar, salt, and bananas, you are good to go. Divine once told me, “eh! You have tea but no sugar? My God. Don’t even cook that tea.”

About the honey.

I avoid it because it tastes so sugar-infused that it automatically laces and intertwines my pearly whites with a coat of frost, like a windshield at 5am following a cold fall night in Denver.

Well, turns out, real honey changes everything.

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