The Little Things That Run the World | harvest for hope

Something you should know about me is that I tend to be a fan of the things the most people are scared of.  No, I’m not talking about zombies or ghosts or even aliens from outer space.  But, rather, those little things that creep around our great planet… bugs and snakes.

People tend to fear that which they don’t understand, and these little creatures are the most misunderstood of all.  Perhaps, because of their size.  Or, perhaps, because of all those wriggly legs.  Or, perhaps, just because they are least “human-like” of all… I dunno.  Whatever the reason may be, all life has a purpose on this Earth– size or appearance doesn’t not change that.  So when I came across this article, I decided I just HAD TO share it.  It does a wonderful job discussing the biodiversity of invertebrates and the ecological services that they provide.

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