Composting I: Building Your Bin | Real Aphrodisiac

Posted by Alison in gardening, just for fun and tagged with compost bin, composting, garden compost, red wigglers, vermicomposting, worm composting March 29, 2015

Not long into my real food journey I realized that I had a lot of fruit and vegetable scraps going into the trash can.  I started thinking about the idea of composting when it just so happened that  my local library was offering a free one-hour workshop on the subject,  and I decided to check it out and see what I could learn.

The workshop focused on vermicomposting, which is the process by which worms are used to break down food scraps and other items such as grass and leaves that are added to their territory.  The result is a rich earthy matter that can be added to soil.  With the exception of one or two items, I had everything already on hand to put together a composting bin so I was eager to get started.  I will attempt to share my composting experiences with you through a series of blog posts, and today we’ll focus on building a bin.

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