Solar Heating & Photovoltaic Systems | Sustainable Technologies

Photovoltaic Cells and Panels

The necessity of saving nature resources and reducing CO2 is being frontline in decades of discussion concerning the future of the construction industry and the planet. The Photovoltaic Technology that converts solar energy into electricity is capable of sustain an entire community through the power it generates. The photovoltaic cells that supply energy compose a separate or connected to the grid system of panels that absorbs sunlight during all day in a direct or diffuse way. This clean sustainable, renewable energy source is getting cheaper by the time its popularity is growing.

As a source of energy through a natural resource, the panels need to be oriented in southwards to provide a hundred percent of efficiency without anything shading their areas. Concerning a school project for example, 1000 kWh would be enough to cover all the unit services, basics and necessities allowing the commercialization of the extra energy acquired from the plates.

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