#10. Use and Value Diversity | New England Permaculture Homestead

I plan to go into detail with all of the permaculture principles, but I am going to go out of order.  I am starting with number ten because I am working on planning my annual garden for the spring.  This garden will not be a permanent part of the landscape, but a garden that we will use for a few years while we are getting set up.  I need this garden to provide enough vegetables to feed our family for the year, so I am putting a lot of thought into the setup of it.  I still want to use permaculture design when doing this garden, and this principle is the most relevant to this particular project.

To use and value diversity means that we are not planting a bean crop, a carrot crop, a potato crop and a pea crop but rather planting a vegetable guild.  I will plant all of these vegetables in the same bed, blending them together.  It’s a lot like companion planting.  You grow vegetables together and they all benefit each other.  The other benefit of diversity is that if one crop were to fail, you still have all the other crops to live off of.  If bugs destroy your beans, you still have squash, kale, corn and potatoes.

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