Italian bees in Fiji – Fiji Times Online

BEEKEEPERS are looking at the possibility of introducing Italian bees into the country to boost honey production and increase revenue for hive owners across the country.

Fiji Beekeepers Association president Abdul Shaheed said his organisation was in negotiation with the Government on the issue.

“At present, beekeeping and honey production and sales is a $15million industry and this was derived from a 370 tonne harvest last year,” Mr Shaheed said.

“But we could easily increase this if we introduce Italian bees because they are not very aggressive and they produce more honey.”

Mr Ali said there was a lot of potential for growth in the industry if more people got involved in beekeeping.

“Apart from the local market, there is a lot of scope for growth into international markets because Fiji honey is chemical-free and of a very high quality.

“And this is something we can capitalise on when taking our product to the international arena.”

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