Strengthening alliances for agroecology in Latin America — AgriCultures Network

March 2015: Between 16 and 21 March, friends and allies of Groundswell International visited our member organisation AS-PTA and the family farmers they work with. The visit was an important opportunity to exchange some of the agroecological knowledge and experience that exist in the Latin American continent, and strengthen regional and international alliances.

The delegation consisted of nine people from Haiti, Canada, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala and the US. Groundswell International is a partnership of local organisations promoting agroecology in these countries as well as in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana, and Nepal.

The group visited family farmers who are a member of Polo Borborema, a rural union of 14 municipalities in the Borborema region. Since 1993 this union has been supporting the agroecological transition of family farmers, with the assistance of AS-PTA. While visiting the communities, the visitors learned about agroecological fairs and participated in trainings on topics such as the ‘Seeds of Passion’ (the way native seeds are known in the area), community seed banks, rainwater capture and storage and the agroecological management of crops. They also learned about how this work has influenced public policies for family farming and agroecology in Brazil.

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