– Beekeeping is alive and buzzing in Mayo clubs

They may look a bit like scientists from a sci-fi flick in their special white suits and head gear, but beekeepers are practitioners of an ancient art that has been enjoying something of a resurgence in Ireland in recent years.

The number of beekeepers nationally has grown from 1,500 five years ago to 3,300 today, based on the membership of beekeeping clubs all over the country.

Anyone who has ever wondered about beekeeping and how to get involved may well be interested in an upcoming two-day beginner course from the Westport Beekeepers Association this April 11 and 12.

The course will help bee enthusiasts get on their way to developing a buzzing new hobby, according to local apiculturist Dermot O’Flaherty.

via – Beekeeping is alive and buzzing in Mayo clubs.