On the subject of organics… | Against the Wind Nursery & Gardens

We grow good, healthy, organic food. And, have been doing so for the past six years.

FLASHBACK…After we decided that we wanted to grow food that would be for sale at our farm gate, or at local food distributors, we were faced with the question of growing strictly “organic”, or not. After much discussion and soul-searching we uncovered a long list of pros and cons that we might encounter by undertaking such an endeavor on our small plot of land. Once deliberation was behind us, we boldly shouted to each other…YES we will! YES we can!

With the organic or not-organic question posed and answered, we were faced with the next question…how would our potential customers ever know that we farm organically. Did we need a stamp of approval? Did we need certification? Would our customers simply trust us when we told them that we use organic practices? That our food is free of chemicals, that we are good stewards of our land, that we care deeply about the food we eat and the food we grow for others to eat?

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