Nature’s Free Mulch | kriselkeeper

Every fall as the leaves begin to drop I ask the gardeners to use them as mulch for our plant beds. I finally found a gardener who understands what organic gardening is all about and follows my “crazy” methods. Actually, he also teaches me new things.  It’s fantastic!

I use leaves as mulch because all those dead leaves are nature’s way of keeping the ground below moist and warm…in the places that need it.  This is the first year I put in new plants at the start of spring and I saw first hand just how effective the leaves really are.  The soil was so moist and perfect for my new Milkweed.  I recovered them with the leaves once I was done. I’m excited to see the Milkweeds grow in our front garden. They attract Monarch butterflies!  Coming home to butterflies fluttering around is one of the most relaxing feelings ever!  So, grateful for the free mulch my trees provided.

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