Mulching is the key to a thriving garden –

I could easily become a mulch bore. Perhaps I already am, and nobody has been kind enough to tell me. But of all the things you can do for your garden, this, to me, seems the most important. Give, don’t just take. And late winter/early spring is the best time to do the mulching, before too much new growth gets in the way. It’s a job that has dominated the past two weeks in the garden: 10 buckets of mulch before I move on to another job.

Why buckets, you may ask (though you might easily not – I do allow that my obsession with mulch will not perhaps be widely shared). Wouldn’t a wheelbarrow be quicker? Well, yes, it probably would, but we have a very steep garden. The mulch is dumped by a flatbed truck in the yard down by the house and the mulching mostly has to be done on the ground that slopes quite steeply up from the yard. There are steps between the one place and the other. Hence the buckets.

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