Last Snow of the Season (?) | My Little Farm in Town

Every year at this time we get out last big snow! This one caught me flat-footed. Only an inch or two of snow was forecasted so I didn’t cover the chicken yard. I did cover the dust box but that was all.

We went to bed with a dusting of snow and woke up with 6-8 inches of wet heavy smothering everything!

A few days previously it had warmed into the 50s and 60s and the chickens were out in their yard and pen and even free-ranging a bit. Boy were they mad when I kept them cooped that day! They quit laying and squawked themselves hoarse. Today is nice and sunny, so I dug their yard out, scooping the snow off the hay bedding the area and then fluffing it with a pitchfork–my aching back. (I’m reclining in The Command Center typing this after downing three ibuprofen.)

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