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Starting early this time


Well here is my seed collection. I’ve added to it over the past couple of years and I probably should organize them a bit better, but you’ll find by reading this blog my garden isn’t an organized project. Over the past few months, I have only planted organic or non-gmo seeds bought from various vendors like Sow True Seed and Lowe’s.

This year I started my seeds early, because last year we fought our neighborhood rabbits for our food. The rabbits won. So, I don’t want to lose plants and not have time to plant more. Also, by starting early I can stagger my planting so I’ll have a longer harvest. I only plant what I like to eat. So there are no exotic veggies in my garden. Anyway, I’m off the subject… where was I? Oh, yes the seeds. I started my seeds in the Jiffy Seedstarter Greenhouses that I bought from Lowe’s.

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