Learn to Farm in Just 39 Weeks: WEEK 3 – Naperville Sun

What a difference a week (and water, and daylight, and rock music) can make! The onions, leeks, and scallions placed in their soil cells a week ago have burst forth with great enthusiasm! Here is where the farming season begins. All these gorgeous, bright green seedlings have been tended to several times a day, fortifying them with water, mist, and daylight. The rock music keeps Farm Manager Duncan Simonson entertained while he painstakingly attends to the 140 trays under lights. His choice of music seems to be appreciated by the plants.

Once the nights aren’t too cold all these seedlings will be moved to one of two Propagation rooms, which are essentially small greenhouses that can be heated if needed. This is the equivalent of a baby moving from their crib into an awesome big bed! Here the seedlings can stretch toward the sky without bumping their heads on the grow lights that have hovered inches over them for weeks.

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